Innovative Strategist

Tiara Larae Johnson is a leader and innovator in her industry. She is a millennial entrepreneur who prides herself on strategically innovating people’s lives and brands. Tiara specializes in brand services including event planning, PR strategies, media planning, and more. She is the founder and owner of TLJ Headlines, a public relations and media firm headquartered out of Atlanta, where she works with businesses to develop and promote their initiatives and goals. Tiara has also grown to become a public speaker focused on empowering her peers to become the moguls they aspire to be. She partners with like-minded brands and individuals to conceptualize and produce various events for her peers to network, support, and celebrate each other. Throughout her journey, Tiara has garnered the skills, experience, and qualifications necessary that allow her to do what she does best, innovate.


"What can I say , faith at its finest! Hello, my name is Kiarha Lamar. I first met Tiara LaRae at her "Speak It" event. Going to that event was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. As things were starting to sink and go downhill, her event uplifted me to not give up just yet . As the event went on, we took notes on goals and dreams we desire to accomplish. Let's just say things are in motion for me, and I'm glad I was able to experience something that has lead me in the right direction. I soon launched out my "vision"–– K. Renee "THE VISION" –– which all my events will benefit the Sickle Cell Foundation Of GA." -Kiarha Lamar K.Renee "THE VISION

"I truly enjoyed your "Speak It" event. Speak It helped me to really see what it is that I wanted to do with Neat by Nacole. I had never wrote down my goals and what I wanted to accomplish with Neat by Nacole. I knew where I wanted to go but the how to get there was more of a when it happens it will happen. It was nice to put it down on paper and to actually see it. It forced me to break down my goals and list the steps I needed to take to complete that particular goal. Deadlines are a must for me or I will procrastinate. Speak It forced me to give myself deadlines and to meet them. One of my biggest goals was to own my name "Neat by Nacole". I did that by writing out my goal and setting deadlines for that goal. What I liked about your exercise is that i was able to add or change what I wanted to accomplish. Sticky notes are AMAZING!!!! lol. Thank you for your time and thank you for a very successful event. You definitely helped me."
-Neat by Nacole

Hire Me!

Tiara Larae Johnson is available for brand consultation, event planning, and speaking engagements. For rates and more information, please send all inquiries to tlj.